morning run

morning run


16 responses to “morning run”

  1. This light is GORGEOUS !

  2. This is beautiful. Lovely. Oxford? It could be Cambridge but I can’t tell!

  3. This photograph has so much warmth. Very nice. Haven’t visited your site in a while. Glad I’ve found it again.

  4. I love that blast of sunlight. It ads a wonderful warm natural tone. Well done.

  5. Great dreamy atmosphere. The background architecture looks like a computer rendering.

  6. What a shot. Look at that light. Wow

  7. it’s Oxford. love the shot. i used to jog past there every morning while i was there. i love the way the light looks here. it really captures early morning Oxford well.

  8. Ooh, I want to live there

  9. Beautiful shot – Oxford really is surreal at this time of day. Does the Rad Cam really look that grimy?

  10. FANTASTIC shot Lols!!!! Absolutely gorgeous.

  11. Classic Oxford mood to this shot. Like it

  12. I was going to guess Cambridge as well. Very nice light.

  13. I like this light and color.

  14. Love this shot!! Great lighting!!

  15. love the light here!well done.

  16. Fantastic atmosphere in this shot!

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