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2016 – The year to be bold


Last year I took part in Susannah Conway‘s brilliant “Finding Your Word” exercise, and I wanted to do the same for 2016. I didn’t want to set resolutions that may, or may not, ever be achieved, but having a word to hold onto for the year feels right for me. It guides me. Focuses me.

So, for 2016 I’ve decided on the word, “Bold“. There were a number of other words that popped up for me during the exercises, but they all, in some way, correspond to the idea of being bold. To be confident, strong, decisive, healthy; to seek growth and adventure. It both excites me, and scares me, since it’s a word that will challenge me in many facets of my life. But, I want to live a bold life! A life filled with joy, passion, and meaning. In 2016 I will be fucking bold!


Hiking South Mountain

South Mountain is gorgeous and one of my favourite places to go hiking. The stairs up the waterfall are intense, but well worth it. I already can’t wait to go back.


I love finding gorgeous details in nature.


The winter sunlight was stunning throughout the day. It was a cold hike, but perfect.



Hiking Crowders Mountain


One my absolute favourite things to do is go hiking. I always pack a PB&J for lunch, and a lot of water, and go out to enjoy the day. On Saturday my best friend and I hiked around 7 miles at Crowders Mountain – a beautiful spot only around 40mins from Charlotte. I never get enough of it.



The views are amazing and are well-worth some of the fairly steep inclines. It’s a good workout, with great rewards.


And along the way you find all sorts of lovely gems.


I only wish I’d gone about a week or two earlier to really catch the full Fall beauty here in the Carolinas. I just missed all the real vibrant splendor that Fall brings in the South.