the 4 musketeers

the 4 musketeers


6 responses to “the 4 musketeers”

  1. heh. excellent capture, especially with the title.

  2. great capture, I like the dof here – adds a lot to the shot.

  3. Lovely street scene…. And then – Those pigeons!
    I really laughed at those four brave souls there, and when I say the title you gave the photo, it cracked me up :D

  4. OMG! I love it!! Great shot. I wonder where they’re going? You are brilliant!

  5. This is in Oxford, correct? I studied at one of the colleges last summer and spent many a day in that art and poster shop. And at night, a cheese and chips trolley parked in front of Blackwell’s and sold the most delicious greasy foods to drunken pub goers. Such lovely memories brought on by this lovely photo!

  6. …Please ignore my first question. I just read that you were based in Oxford. I’m sure it’s full of inspiration :)

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