petrol pumps

petrol pumps


i was quite disappointed in my most recent holga shots, but i like this one (softness and all).

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  1. Keep at it! What film are you using?

  2. i love the new site design, lorissa.

    you shouldn’t be disappointed in these holgas. the light leaks actually make for lovely color :-)

  3. i love the color in this, cool.

  4. The colours and softness are really quite lovely. I love the Holga but at times I also find it hit and miss, however this is a shot to be proud of :)

  5. thanks guys! i really appreciate the encouraging comment.

    @rachel: honestly, i can’t recall. it was a porta nc 400, i think. this was from a roll that was waiting to develop for months.. (ahem..maybe even a year). i now have a batch of fujichrome to work through. what film do you recommend?

    @angie: thanks so much about the site design as well.

  6. Just like veins and blood, these are our “vessels” of life. Looks so… innocent, but we know better :)

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