bikes in cambridge

bikes in cambridge


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  1. Hmm, if this is an old photo – nice find. If this is a new photo – great work! (I think this is a new photo)

  2. I really love this shot. You can totally feel what it would be like to walk – or bike – down this street.

  3. Very nice black and white shot.

  4. I like the emptiness – if it can be called as such: a “shop to let” sign, a row of bikes with no signs of their owners, very few pedestrians …

  5. I keep browsing to your site once in a while.. Been prob about a few years now I think.. The best part about your pics is that they make me contemplate.. Love ur B&W shots..

  6. I like this shot. The street leads you into the scene. It has a feeling of days of old. Great work!

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