I haven’t picked up my camera in some time. It’s been such a hectic month with work. I really need to make time to spend with my poor, neglected camera. Hopefully February won’t be quite as manic.

6 responses to “Clubhouse”

  1. Can I say WOW?!!! This is absolutely lovely! I dont this shot would have been as impactful were it not for that brown/golden hose to break up the monotones of the snow. Awesome!!!

  2. Such a gorgeous scene. What a wonderful image, Lor.

  3. Simply beautiful. Your framing is perfect.

  4. A honey of a picture. Well done, Lorissa!

  5. This is a GORGEOUS countryside!

  6. What a gorgeous scene. I love that the photograph is colourless for the most part, besides the red bricked clubhouse in the distance. It draws the eye right in.

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