9 responses to “tracks”

  1. lovely mood. awesome off-center composition. great tones. Happy Christmas!

  2. the fog gives this great atmosphere. The person on the tracks adds a lot, too. Wish the lamps could be and older style, that would’ve been great. Nice job.

  3. wow, i really love this. thanks!

  4. I love railway tracks and this is a beautiful rendition of them. Merry Christmas, Lorissa, and Happy New Year.

  5. Nice composition – you can see which are the new tracks :) I like the way they trail off into the fog – well caught. Merry Christmas

  6. Really lovely, Lor. Wonderful fog image.

  7. at first I saw a wonderful image then I spoted the person in the mist and the photo turned fantastic!

  8. great shot, i love having to really look at pictures, and mist definitely does that :,

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