paris louvre

paris louvre

Paris - Louvre

the louvre is one of my favourite places. paris is a gorgeous city and every time we go, we make sure to visit.

3 responses to “paris louvre”

  1. Beautiful reminiscent shot of the museum. We had the pleasure of visiting this amazing city twice last year. Very surreal yet unforgettable.

  2. Very nicely composed and I like the b&w treatment a lot. I was there as a kid and unfortunately the only thing I remember is setting of the alarm when trying to get into a cordoned off show room in one of the side wings of the museum. ;-)

  3. I don’t have any knowkledge of photograpy, and I just happen to click on your site and honestly, I haven’t seen such beauty of everyday events… “Holding on” is my fav. Put a smile on my face, thanks.


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